SAM4s ER-945 Cash Register


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Click here to view the SAM4s ER-945 Information in Acrobat Reader (308 kb). Right click on the link to save the brochure onto your hard drive.

Product Description

The SAM4s ER-945 cash register was designed for the retailer. Whether you key in the prices or use bar code scanning this register from SAM4s has you covered. The ER-945 has a capacity of 22,000 UPC's to cover most retail operations.

This cash register is a great value and has a low cost of ownership compared to the tablet based POS systems on the market. Because this machine is purpose built and durable your cashiers will be able to keep your customers moving through the line with accuracy.

The SAM4s ER-945 is one of the models that feature both a receipt printer and a journal printer. While other models use an electronic journal the ER-945 prints the journal as you go. If you have ever needed a journal tape you will probably agree how nice it is to have it printed and ready when you need it.

Bar Code Scanning is a snap with this register. Just add one of the many scanners available for this model, which include single line, Omni directional, image and even a scanner with built in age verification. You can program UPC's into the register on-the fly, in program mode or even with the free computer utility from your PC or laptop.

Complete your system with interfaced Card Payments. There are multiple credit card interfaces that can be used with the ER-945 that include EMV readers, Apple Pay, Android Pay, gift cards and pin based debit transactions. When you integrate card payments you make your transactions faster and much more secure. A credit card interface helps protect your business from hacking and cashier fraud.

We can help you decide which cash register is for you just give us a call at 800-863-2274. We are cash register and POS experts and will help you navigate the maze of payment devices.

SAM4s ER-945 with an integrated credit card reader Are you thinking of connecting your ER-945 to a credit card pin pad or swipe? If you are you may be interested in the following special. The register is now available at no cost with a qualifying merchant services account. Click the following for additional details on how to get a SAM4s ER-925 for free. Best practices call for your cash register and credit card payment device to be integrated. When the two are interfaced you reduce the opportunity for fraud dramatically, not to mention speeding up transactions and increasing accuracy.

SAM4s ER-945 Tools and Downloads

The Manual including programming for the ER-945 instructs you on making changes on your register like prices, store message, taxes and more.

You will be able to create your own custom keytops using the following template SAM4s ER-945 keytop tool After printing cut out each button. The clear tops will separate from the button enabling you to insert the paper label. Be careful not to pop the entire button off.

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