Samsung SAM4s SPS-520 Cash Register Software

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The SAMi Software is no longer available For an alternative we suggest PC Poll Software for the SAM4s SPS-520 and SPS-530 cash registers PC Poll allows you to program and take reports from a computer.

SAMi Series Polling and Inventory Software for your SAM4s SPS-520 Cash Register. With easy to use Windows based SAMi Series software you can poll your SAM4s SPS-520 electronic cash register and automatically update your inventory records. SAMi provides convenient PLU file management at your personal computer, packagedwith basic inventory control features and reports.

Polling Features:

  • Connect directly via RS-232C or telephone modems.
  • Poll reports from the register, save, display or print them at the PC.
  • Poll all stores, or individual stores from a single licensed PC.
  • Poll unattended at a predetermined time.
  • Customize your polling session by defining the reports you wish to poll.
  • SAM Inventory converts polled reports to ASCII files, ready to be used by other PC applications.

Inventory Features:

  • Inventory Maintenance function allows stock addition, transfers in/out and promo/waste tracking.
  • Inventory levels can be adjusted by item, by shelf, or by vendor.
  • By shelf and by vendor inventory adjustment functions allow orders to be entered, printed and suspended. Suspended orders can be recalled, adjusted if necessary and sent into inventory when the product is received.
  • Vendor Information Maintenance records basic vendor data.
  • Calculates margin of profit percentage, quantity on hand, average unit cost and total cost on hand for each item.
  • Prints barcode labels.
  • Records purchase history and sales history for each item.Inventory Reports
  • The Minimum Inventory Level report lists PLUs where the inventory on hand level is less than the minimum inventory level.
  • the Cost report extends the value of current inventory and calculates the projected profit margin percentage based upon the current selling price.
  • The Physical Inventory By Shelf report is a worksheet for a physical inventory. The report can be organized by shelf number and PLU number or by descriptor and PLU number.
  • Sales History Reports and Purchase History Reports can be printed by date range.Please call us for pricing and options 1-800-863-2274