SAM4s Cash Register journal take up spool


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Product Description

The Take Up Spool for a SAM4s cash register winds up the journal tape after it prints. Of course they are only used in cash registers with a journal tape. Many modern machines now use an electronic journal instead of a printed journal tape. Journal tapes are often referred to as an audit tapes as well.

Please select your model from the drop down list. If you are unsure of your model most have an ID tag on the rear of the machine or often on the right hand corner of the cabinet. If you still can't identify your register model please call us at 800-863-2274 and perhaps we can assist you.

If you have a spool but it is not turning then the issue will most likely be the journal take up motor which you can also find from the parts SAM4s parts page. If you are unsure give us a call and we will assist you in troubleshooting the issue.