Cash Register Interfacing Scales

Scale for SAM4s

Using a interfaced scale with your SAM4s cash register is a good idea for numerous reasons. First it makes your cashiers far more efficient. Less steps are required when you integrate your cash register and cash register. Second thing you will benefit from is accuracy. No longer would you have to enter the price per pound in the scale and have the price computed just to have to reenter that amount into a department on the register. How many opportunities in that description did you could for a mistake to happen? When they are interfaced you place the item on the scale and press the button on the register or enter a PLU number.

If you are looking to interface a scale with a SAM4 register please visit our scales page to see the makes and models available for that purpose. keep in mind not all cash registers can interface by the way. Here is the page to visit Scales that interface to SAM4s cash registers