Sharp ER-A242 Cash Register FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Sharp ER-A242 Cash Register

Question: What type of printer does the ER-A242 have?

Answer: The ER-A242 uses a thermal printer. The printer is alpha-numeric and graphic logo capable.

Question: What size of paper rolls does the ER-A242 use?

Answer: The ER-A242 printer uses 2.25" (58mm) thermal paper rolls.

Question: What type Ink ribbon does the ER-A242 electronic cash register use?

Answer: The ER-A242 does not require an ink device because it uses thermal paper rolls.

Question: Can the ER-A242 register interface to a computer?

Answer: The ER-242 does interface to a PC and includes free software.

Question: What type of store is the Sharp ER-A242 a good machine for?

Answer: This model Sharp Cash Register is a great machine for high volume c-store, small grocery store, restaurants, and snack bar.

Question: What are the limitations of this cash register?

Answer: The ER-A242 is not a great machine if you need bar code scanning, a kitchen printer, or credit card interface.