Sharp ER-A320 Paper and Ink Supplies

The Sharp ER-A320 uses the IR-90/91 Ink Roller and 44MM bond paper rolls. Both printers, the receipt and journal use the same paper. Both sides of the printer share the one ink roller. The ER-A320 also has a rubber ink stamp in the printer that comes from the factory printing "Thank You, Your Receipt" or often they have been customized for your business. This logo stamp is not inked by the printer at all. It must be removed from the printer and re-inked manually. This is the only part of the machine printer that ever requires re-inking. It often takes several days to re-ink the stamp via the small hole in the back of the stamp and plastic holder.

Important Tips for maintenance and care of the Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register

  • Never re-ink the ink roller. Always replace the roller when the print appears light. Applying ink will damage the printer severely.
  • Don't operate the Sharp ER-A320 register without the proper size paper in both the receipt and journal sides of the printer. Operating without paper will lead to damage of the printer.
  • Never apply ink to the face of the cash register's rubber logo stamp. There is a small hole on the back of the logo that is used for re-inking the rubber logo stamp. Only use the ink that was provided with the register when purchased.