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Tips for successful programming of you Sharp Cash Register

Programming a Cash Register can seem simple enough, and most often it is. To make sure the job of programming your Cash Register is manageable and goes smoothly we have put together the following recommendations.

  • Plan all of your programming out on paper before you begin.
  • Make a list of the sales departments you will want to see reports of. Do you need a great amount of detail or just a few simple department groups?
  • What other reports are important for you to have on a daily, weekly and or monthly basis?
  • Make a list of the pre-set items you will want on the cash register keyboard.
  • Make a list of the payment types you accept at the cash register.
  • Would you like to use server/cashiers ID's? Would the ID's be mandatory or not? If using ID's make a list of clerks and servers and number them.
  • Will you be giving dollar amount discounts/coupons? If so make a list.
  • Are there any percentage discounts? If so make a list. If you are doing discount/coupons will they be applied to the entire sale or the last items, or both?
  • If using discounts/coupons are they taxable? As an example if you offer a 10% discount is sales tax added before or after the discount? Check you local laws, many states require tax to be charged before discounts of coupons, some don't.
  • Will you be allowing VOIDS? Returns? If so make sure the cash register has those buttons available.
  • How many tax rates do you have? Make a list and number them.
  • Make or print a blank keyboard template of your cash register and fill in the blanks with the function keys and items you wish to have on keyboard.

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