Verifone P200 Pin Pad


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Product Description

Budget Friendly, Easy To Use, Intergrated Verifone P200 Pin Pad

The P200 ergonomic PIN pad has a vibrant interface that appeals to your customers making the checkout process faster and more secure. Combine the exciting features and functionality or the Verifone P200 with any of the SAM4s cash registers that utilize the Datacap NETePay Hosted Payment Gateway. The Datacap Payment Gateway and the Verifone P200 is an ideal solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

With today's technology there is not a good reason to have your payments integrated into your cash register. If you are still manually entering credit card sales into a standalone terminal than you use losing money, its not even arguable. Take control of your transactions by pairing a pin pad like the P200 with your SAM4s cash register or POS system. Don't risk your profit to costly mistakes busy cashiers make when they have to re-enter the sales amounts into a pin pad. When you have the pin pad interfaced the cash register sends the sale amount to the pin pad for your customer to finish the transaction, eliminating mistakes. Not only is this method faster while eliminating mistakes it also makes your payments much more secure because cashiers cannot run a credit card until the sale has been entered into the cash register.

SAM4s Cash Registers and the Verifone P200 works with almost any processor you would like to use. This is one of the things merchants really like about SAM4s is because it keeps you in control. Many other POS systems today require you to process with certain processors while SAM4s focuses on your freedom to select the partners you wish to work with. Think about that before you purchase a system. To find out more about how a SAM4s cash register with a Verifone Pin Pad can work for you please contact us at 800-863-2274.