Ingenico Lane 3000 Pin Pad


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Product Description

The Lane 3000 is a popular Pin Pad for SAM4s registers and POS

Merchants like the Lane 3000 because it is fast and dependable. We have been deploying this pin pad with SAM4s cash registers and POS systems for a couple years now because it was one of the first pin pads that was PCI PTS 5.x certified. It also offers support for all payment types including EMV Chip, Pin Based Debit, Magstripe and a wide variety of contactless payments as well like NFC, mobile wallet, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.

Integrating this to a SAM4s register requires a Datacap interface like a Tran Server, IPTran LT, or a NETePay Hosted PDC which we can provide. The available features also are dependent on your merchant services as not all merchant providers are compatible with every feature. If you are interested in adding one of these pin pads to your system you should first consult with us to ensure this is the right device for your system. To get those answers you will need to know who your processor is, for example, TSYS, Heartland, FDMS among many others, and what features you want to use. Those features could include EBT, Gift Card, Pin Based Debit etc.

The Lane 3000 works with most modern SAM4s systems. Even though there is a large list of models that are compatible you should again check with us before buying this or any pin pad when connecting to your POS system. Call us at 800-863-2274 and let us know you are looking for an integrated solution.

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