Verifone P400 Pin Pad


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Product Description

The Verifone P400 is a great pin pad for SAM4s cash registers

This pin pad really checks all the boxes when it comes to being used in conjunction with a SAM4s system. It's affordable, looks great, has all the features you need, and very easy to deploy. The color touch screen makes using the P400 more intuitive for your customers. The EMV slot has been redesigned from the first generation pin pads which results in a smoother card insertion.

Your customers will really like that you can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, Tap-n-Go and more. You want to keep up with technology when it comes to secure payments and this pin pad does just that. This Pin Pad can be deployed as a counter top device or mounted on a pole making it more secure and/or easier for your customers to use.

Let's talk about interfaces and equipment. On this page we are talking specifically about Pin Pads for SAM4s registers and POS systems that use the Datacap Interface. This pin pad is a next generation device and requires the next generation Datacap Interface. This device when paired with a SAM4s requires a NETePay Hosted Datacap not the legacy Tran Server, IP Tran LT or Twin Tran. For new deployments of course that is not an issue as you would be deploying the newest devices in the first place. This is only an issue if you are already using one of the older interfaces. If you have questions about compatibility please contact us at 800-863-2274

Which processor are you using? This pin pad combined with a SAM4s currently works with the following processors:

  • EMS
  • Electronic Payments
  • First Data / Rapid Connect
  • TSYS Summit Host
  • WorldPay IP
  • Contact us if you are unsure
Because this is a pretty new pin pad (released in 2021) there will be additional certifications over time so if you don't see your processor on the list you should check and see if anything has changed.

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