Samsung ER-650 Cash Register Feature and Function Chart

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The SAM4s ER-650 and ER-650R were some of the best selling cash registers ever produced by SAM4s. The ER-650 was the more popular and designed for food service with a medium size flat keyboard. The ER-650R was designed with more retail in mind and was equipped with a raised keyboard rather than the flat version the 650 offered.

Years ago we published a SAM4s ER-650 Feature and Function Chart and a SAM4s ER-650R Feature and Function Chart however since we have redesigned this website several times in the decade since the ER-650 line was discontinued we did not retain the charts. Currently there are probably very few of the models still in use.

A few highlights of the Models ER-650 and 650R cash registers.

  • 8 Line LCD Display unlike any register before it in this price range
  • Flat Keyboard or Raised keyboard.
  • Serial Ports for adding a kitchen printer or bar code printer
  • Five Bill, Five Coin cash drawer Insert
  • Register to register LAN also known as IRC
  • Scale Interface
  • Rear Display
  • Optional Memory upgrade to maximize UPC capacity
  • Text Inserter Compatible
  • Up to four sales tax rates
  • Produce or Deli Scale Interface
  • Training Mode

We still offer support and parts for the ER-650 and 650R registers. We stock the keyboard covers for both models, cash drawer inserts and more. To arrange support of buy parts call us at 800-863-2274