SAM4s ER-650R Cash Register Supplies

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Samsung ER-650R Cash Register Supplies The Samsung ER-650R uses 2.25" Thermal paper rolls. The ER-650R does not require an ink ribbon. This register will accept a large roll of paper up to 220' feet at least maybe more so don't waste your time with the tiny rolls designed for credit card machines.

We carry all the options and most parts for the SAM4s ER-650R too. Common parts for this register include the keyboard cover, cash drawer insert and replacement printers which we stock. We also still offer programming and support for the ER-650R

Important Tips for maintenance and care of the Samsung ER-650R Cash Register

  • Don't operate the Samsung ER-650R cash register without the proper size paper in the printer. Operating without paper will lead to damage of the printer.
  • We suggest leaving your cash register drawer open when you are closed. That way in the event of a break in the thief won't have to pry open the drawer just to find out there is no money in there in the first place.