SAM4s SPS-520 Auto Cutter

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Product Description

Sorry the Auto Cutter for the SPS-500 series registers are no longer available

Because the SPS-500 series registers (520R and 520F) are no longer made many parts are no longer available. Other parts for these models will be running out quickly as well. Please consider upgrading to the SAM4s SAP-630R Cash Register which is the next generation.

This auto cutter works in the popular SAM4s models SPS-520R and SPS-520F registers. This part is fairly easy for most end users to change themselves. However you should be aware that the auto cutter is controlled by the registers I/O board. If your auto cutter is not working it is most often the cutter has gone bad. In rarte cases the problem is the I/O board. Quite often when we see a bad I/O board the register will present more problems than just the auto cutter however not every time.

Please make sure you unplug your register before trying to change parts and have a current back up. Unplugging a machine with a dead back up battery could cause you to lose the program!