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Product Description

We are experts in reprogramming Datacap Tran Products. If you are just reprogramming a Datacap Tran product for a new processor or upgrading it to stay compliant we can help you. We can help you if you are the merchant or the ISO. In either case we will need to know about your existing Datacap. Following are the questions we will need to know in order to help you reprogram or upgrade.

  • What is the serial number of your Datacap? The serial number will let us know everything about your Datacap like the version, platform and ownership.
  • Do you already know if you are using a Datacap owned by a processor or if you own it. It is a very common practice for processors to supply merchants with a Datacap. In most of those cases the processor owns the Datacap and you may not be able to reprogram it. The serial number will confirm that.
  • What type of Cash Register or POS system do you have the Datacap attached to?
  • Are you just wanting to upgrade your Datacap so your cash register will accept EMV chipped cards?

The price varies depending on the age of your Datacap and by exactly what you are trying to accomplish. If your actual fee is less we will refund you the differance or if it is more than we will let you know before proceeding. In some cases merchants are surpirised to find out they don't own the Datacap device. If that is the case we can inform you and help you decide what to do. If you require a referal to a new processor we are happy to assist you. If you find all this to be information overload and confusing, don't worry you are not alone. Give us a call at 800-863-2274 and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

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