Rental Datacap Tran Server


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Product Description

A Rental Datacap Tran Server is a great option. The monthly rental program has no term and of course the device is fully warrantied while you are renting it. Another huge advantage of renting is you are never tied down to a particular merchant services company. When you are renting your Datacap device and you want to change processors just let us know, provide us with a new VAR sheet and for a minimal fee you are moved to a new processor. Renting also helps you avoid update and upgrade fees so often associated with credit card processing, the rental fee covers it all. If you require PDC's those must be purchased.

There is a one time deployment fee of $300.00 before we ship the device. There is no term contract required. You are required to return the device to us at the end of your rental period. Please contact us if you have any questions about the Datacap Tran Server Rental program.

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